Fall Weather means Time to Bake!!

Last year I made this ridiculously delicious cream cheese raspberry Danish for my mom. She LOVED it! I was inspired by the Entenmann’s cream cheese Danish that she (and I) praise like its a religion. I’m not going to lie… this thing was even better!! Try it out. You can get the recipe right here:


Since I am a nerd… I use the OG magazine from my mom, but either way it works.

Before you get started.. ADD EXTRA RASPBERRIES AND CREAM CHEESE. You will not regret it.


Right as it came out of the oven…..


Add some powdered SUGAHH


AND enjoy! Yes, I changed the plate. I thought this one was cuter. Do you agree?


2 thoughts on “Fall Weather means Time to Bake!!

  1. Heidie Makes says:

    I love to bake when the weather turns cold and grey, it’s so nice to turn the kettle on and oven on and fill up the room with warmth! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiring post!


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