Foraging for Quahogs- From Nature to Table

A few weeks ago, when it wasn’t freakin’ freezing out, I went hunting for quahogs! Oddly, a lot of people don’t even know what they are… but basically, a quahog is just a giant clam. Back in the day, the Native Americans would grind down, shape, and use the quahog shells as ‘wampum,’ or currency to trade with the Pilgrims.  Getting all nerdy on you, I know. I couldn’t help myself…they are simply too GORGEOUS!


Wampum jewelry TODAY. how purddyyy


A dolphin… are you KIDDING ME??! How adorable

Pretty cool stuff….but what’s even cooler is the fact that the actual quahog itself is DELICIOUS! You can use them in chowder, stuffies, or if you want to eat like an ole’ Yankee, just steam the quahogs (whole) with garlic, white wine, and lemon. My favorite since I love to eat & get ‘stuffed like a quahog,’ is the stuffie.



I live fairly close to New Bedford, America’s Portuguese mecca… so, I used my findings to make Emeril Lagasse’s stuffies. Which highlighted of course, local Chorizo.!

They turned out pretty bomb


Cut the chorizo much smaller than you would think and ENJOY! BTW this picture was taken before I baked them…. don’t think I served quahogs with just a slab of compound butter on top. Although, it probably wouldn’t hurt.

Get dipped in BUTTAH!!

What should I do with the shells I saved? Do you like this wreath?



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