You should be Bob Ross for Halloween

It’s official, I live under a glacier. I was just looking through the #Falloncostume feed on Instagram and I found this:


At first I thought it was Fortune Feimster from Chelsea Handler’s round table, but captioned beneath it said ‘Bob Ross.’ Who was this and how have I not heard of him? So, of course I hit up Google. Within seconds I was hooked. That voice and talent. Clearly, I’ve been missing out all these years. If you haven’t already, watch this. This guy is a LEGEND, and now I see why everyone wants to be him for Halloween.

I want to be him everyday. He was so chill. When I was reading his biography, I had one of those moments when the world stops spinning and suddenly things make sense.  He was raised in Florida, just like my mom, he passed away in New Smyrna Beach (the very same beach I went to as a little girl), and he uses good ole’ southern epithets also, just like my mom!

bob ross florida

Let’s just say I love him and quite frankly, I want to thank the military for sending him to Alaska. Where obviously he was inspired by the landscape, or as he would put it, “the lay of the land.”

bob ross glacier

“There’s nothing wrong with talking to a tree.. it’s when they respond that you’re in trouble.”

bob ross painting

Bob Ross you are my hero…. and obviously I am not the only one.

bob ross

I wish I could have a big glass of iced tea and chat with him, but for now I think I’ll just spend the rest of my night binge watching old episodes of his PBS show.

Long story short, be Bob Ross for Halloween. If not… here are a few other cool costumes that might win the #Falloncostume contest.

018 019


Sharknado or Bob Ross? I think…. Bob Ross!!!!


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