Get Witchy in Salem

Happy Halloween people! In honor of this spooktacular holiday I am going to throw things back to 1629 in Salem, MA.  WITCH(es), wizards, and all sorts of characters flooded the streets like a train station in a Harry Potter movieI am guessing, no one will ever really know this for sure, but it is sure fun to imagine. I went looking for the queen of spells with her bubbling cauldron and magical witches’ broom, but I didn’t exactly find her here…


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Instead, I felt a overwhelming presence of past spirits. I am not trying to be all hippy dippy on you, but this place is like a time machine. After all, this was the epicenter of witchcraft hysteria where over 20 accused ‘witches’ were notoriously executed in public. Can you even imagine if that happened today? TMZ would have a heyday.



Speaking of Hollywood, fictional witchcraft is wrapped all over this place. They filmed parts of Hocus Pocus and Sabrina the Teenage Witch here. Sabrina’s cat (obviously black and anthropomorphic) was even named Salem. Yeah, I still watch that show. I am not afraid to admit it, clearly.

Isn’t Salem just the cutest? There is something about this place that is comforting yet chilling at the same time. I don’t know how else to describe it.

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Happy TRICK or treating!!! Since its Halloween, I thought I would just say, WINTER is coming!!! The growing season is over and winter is upon us.  I love Game of Thrones, yes.

May you walk among the ghosts and ghouls tonight. Hehehe (in my evil witch voice).


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