Frozen Coffee Ice Cubes

I saw this trick in a bakery once… it is the BEST way to save leftover coffee. Plus, it reverses the dreaded dilution of iced coffee. Instead of getting watered down and nasty, this gets stronger overtime. Like washed-up comedian Dane Cook compared to Joan Rivers, stick with Joan.

Pour leftover hot coffee (my stainless steel coffee pot stays warm almost all day) over brown sugar. Stir and let cool until no longer steaming.

Pour into ice cube tray.


Pop into the freezer overnight.


When you are ready to have some fun, just pop the ice cubes out and put them in a cup…


Pour on the milk.

It will get stronger as you let it sit. If you are feeling impatient, pour some hot coffee over the ice cubes to speed things up. Anything works here…. whatever floats your yacht. I love #BelowDeck. How can this season be over already??!?!!


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