This Stollen has Stolen my Heart

What did I make on Thanksgiving? Garmisch Nut Stollen, a beautiful citrus infused German Christmas bread. One bite of it and you are immediately transported to the enchanting Alpine village of Bavaria where this decadent, walnut-filled bread originates.  As the December 1979 issue of Cuisine magazine describes it, “at Christmastime Bavaria is a snow-covered wonderland. Carols and sleigh bells echo softly through the air. The pungent smell of freshly baked gingerbread wafts from warm and cheery bakeries and rosy-cheeked children gaze wide-eyed at the holiday treasures within.”

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“The windows, ablaze with candlelight, cast an iridescent glow over the icy whiteness.” Okay, my heart has officially melted.

Maybe that explains why I made Christmas bread for Thanksgiving? Who knows, but I do know that if you live in the snowy tundra (like me), you NEED to make this!  It will bring you such comfort and delight that I cannot even begin to describe it in words. My cheeks are rosy just writing this….

Check out the recipe here, I agree with this blogger that the pictures help 1,000%.

It makes two loaves… I greedily saved one for today but apparently there is only a 1/8th left? I cry like Flo Rida.

Loaf 1- I gave this one away. Sorry no photographs of this cut. Definitely has MORE filling…. oh well. This is ThanksGIVING right??


Loaf 2

042  049

Few things I changed up: I switched the lemon zest for orange, because personally I prefer oranges, AND I let the dough autolyse, or rest, for 5-10 minutes before kneading. ALWAYS do this for dough; I swear it saves you like 5 minutes of kneading.

I NEED to go to this Christ Child Market and gluttonously shovel down Bratwursts, glazed fruit, and Bavarian treats galore! I saw Bacon Cake in this issue too…..has anyone made that???? Sounds like heaven. I wish my grandmother and mom were still around to tell me. They were WAY more German than me–50% and 25% respectively, meaning I’m like what? 13%?

073    066    054 062 063051053

Are you 100% German? Marry me.


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