6 Reasons Science RULES

1. Bill Nye. Need I say anything else?

bill nye pasta bill nye

2. Food Science.

apple frittersBaking is basically one gigantic, ambrosial science experiment. Ambrosial is my new favorite word….in case you missed the memo.

Ever wonder why Europeans don’t refrigerate their eggs?  Or how baking soda differs from baking powder?  If you haven’t already, check out Fine Cooking magazine’s food science section. The brilliant way they describe food is so inspirational that sometimes I swear food scientists are the coolest people on earth.

3. Engineering. How are you reading this?

4. Nature. Without science how could we even begin to explain life? The spin of the earth, the ebb and flow of tides, the fresh powder we all love playing in, I could go on for days….

Earth is secretive, thank goodness we have curious scientists to help us figure it out.


5.  Magic School Bus.

6. Atoms.



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