5 Videos You Should Watch this Saturday Afternoon

1. Check out¬†“Adrift,” a two year time lapse of the mysteriously seductive¬†San Francisco fog. Simon Christen is a genius.
2. Karl Lagerfeld’s short film “Reincarnation.” Is there anything Cara Delevingne can’t do???¬†
3. Think pollution in your hometown is bad? Be¬†grateful you don’t live in China. All those years of¬†Made in China excess¬†have taken a major toll on the environment, and Chinese environmentalist¬†Wu Lihong¬†got¬†put in¬†jail¬†for speaking up. I’m not talking Monopoly games¬†here, check out the alarming tale.
4. Monarch Butterflies Migration. It is slow to start, but stick with it! The visuals are brilliant. I call the narrator though, so back off.
5. It is time to get cooking…it’s Saturday after all.¬†Here’s something to get you drooling.¬†Cooking with Dog knows what’s up with this Bavarian Cream.¬†How adorable!

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