Homemade Braided Collar for a Yellow Lab

Winnie deserves the world. She is the sweetest little sea otter/dog in the world, and I love her. So today I made her a collar! I’m going to give it to her on Christmas and I can’t wait to see her eyes light up when she catches sight of this nautical necklace. (Yes this dog is ridiculously human-like so stop judging)

Here is how it turned out.

068 069

I followed this blogger’s guideline.

072 057

Cut WAY more rope than you think you’d need. Tying these knots eats up rope like crazy so make it super long. For reference, I put mine together on my bed and it was snaking all over my floor. You can always cut off extras later so be generous. Also if you want, cut the two middle pieces significantly shorter. They remain stationary the whole time, so you can almost cut them the length of your pre-existing dog collar plus an additional 6 or 8 inches for the loop.


Here is the braiding process. Remind you of childhood making hemp bracelets?


Once you figure out the knot, the hardest part is attaching your hook/clasp or making a loop. I used the cut, burn, and wrap trick that my sister taught me.

059 060 062

I think Winnie will like it.

063 065

She loves new jewels.


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