Baking doesn’t always turn out as planned…. but that is ALRIGHT

Ever spend a good amount of time making something and find yourself completely disappointed if it fails? Try to RELAX. Failure is a part of learning  and is probably the best way to learn. Especially when it comes to baking.

Sometimes failure forces you into uncharted territory where thinking outside the box is the only solution. Case in point, my attempt at a cinnamon roll wreath.

It was beautiful to begin with.


It smelled even better. Cardamom and cinnamon sugar filling wrapped in an orange infused dough. YUM. Or so I thought.

Then… #fail

082   087

Cinnamon picture frame anyone?


It may not look like it but these orange infused rolls were drier than the Arabian desert! How could this happen? Something must have gone wrong during the proofing process. Or maybe I used the wrong dough.

I tried saving it with some orange glaze…

127 124 120   130

MAJOR DIGRESSION: this is my new favorite GLAZE

Orange Glaze: Powdered sugar with the zest and juice of one orange 🍊 Add vanilla extract and a touch of rose water if you are going for Fiori di Sicilia.


Even with the addition of glaze, these rolls were still DRY CITY. Things were looking pretty hopeless.

So what did I do?

How do you save or help fix horribly dry and under-proofed cinnamon rolls??? CINNAMON ROLL BREAD PUDDING. I soaked the ripped up rolls with milk, egg, and salt (because I wanted to balance out the sugary glaze) for 15 minutes. Then baked it in a water bath at 350°F for about an hour.

009 003

Result? Seriously delicious bread pudding. Perfect flavor combination and DRYNESS is no longer a problem.  The orange and cardamom have me feeling like HOW COME THIS DISASTER TURNED OUT BETTER THAN MY ORIGINAL IDEA?



You can’t always save it, but at least try. Sometimes it really is hopeless though, like Sony’s security IT system. 


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