Incredible Cinnamon-Cardamom Swirl Bread

Guys I did it! I officially solved a lifelong puzzle.  How does Auntie Anne’s get that absolutely salivating topping on their cinnamon sugar pretzels?

Is it crack? No. (even though that would explain their addictiveness) Is it some ridiculously secretive ingredient that you have to spend hours outsourcing online? No. What is it then???


Salt. Good ole’ salt.

To make this ridiculously comforting bread use the recipe for Cinnamon Swirls.


These. Go ahead, click on it. I know you want to….

For cardamom infused bread instead of rolls; simply add cardamom to your cinnamon sugar filling, tie the rolled up dough into a knot (instead of cutting it), and then once it is baked, add salt to your cinnamon sugar topping.  Here is mine after it was baked.


It was even more beautiful on the inside.


Am I making you hungry??

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