The thing with Roasted Red Peppers….

Want your house to smell fantastic? Roast your own peppers.

My mom showed me this trick and now every time I see red peppers on sale, I snag them. Charring the skin adds an extra dimension of flavor and brings out the inner sweetness. You need a gas stove, good pair of silicone tongs, and a relaxed attitude. Do not go into this afraid of the flame. Fire is your friend, just relax and “Man up” like Ross Matthews’ new book. I know you can.  

Once you make these, the opportunities are endless.

Remove stickers from peppers, rinse, and pat dry. I like to do 4 at once, but do whatever feels right. You can also trim the stems if you would like, just keep the base intact.
Turn the flame on high and get roasting. Let the skin blister before you turn.

My grates are off for this picture, I don’t know why the f*** they are, but they are. STOP JUDGING

Once the peppers feel soft and all sides are fully charred, remove from heat. Not all of them will finish at the same time. Place on sheet of aluminum foil and wrap tightly. This is called sweating.

161 164

Once cool enough to touch; run peppers under water. Remove the inner membranes, seeds, and rub off as much black as possible.
Pat dry and cut into julienne strips, or whatever size you prefer.


Toss to coat with olive oil and season generously with salt and pepper.

178 180

Whatever ones you don’t eat, refrigerate in covered glass bowl. Usually these are gone within days, but they can stay for up to 2 weeks.


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