Pie crust TWO WAYS

I avoid all butter crusts like it’s the plague. (well unless I am making lemon meringue pie)… Why?

All butter crusts are SUPER finicky! Work quickly to keep chunks of cold butter, use pie weights, cook at a super high temp, then a low one…. yada yada. I just can’t stand it. Sure the end result can be pretty fantastic, but I know a crust that is far superior tasting AND much easier to make!!

So tell your pie weights (mine are little pebbles from the beach) to kick the curb and get crackin’ on this crust for tonight. I like using this crust two ways.

pie crust- cherrypie crust--- eat me

I mean seriously, why go through all the work without getting a savory and sweet treat?

I like it…

because I am fat and well…. pie is where the $’s at. Right Chingyyyyyyy???

Here’s what I do: crust with NUTZ

Divide the prepared dough into 2—- one for a full sized chicken pot pie and the other for mini tart cherry pies

pie crust- mini and bib

Ready to get baked????

You can even freeze 1/2 for later—just wrap tightly in Saran wrap***(unless it’s Costco brand..all other off-brands SUCK)


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