1-day contacts— the BEST?

I’m blind as a bat. I rely on my contacts for everything. Yes, I have glasses but I rarely wear them because of peripheral issues. Perfect people with perfect little eyes will never understand….I’m so jealous like Nick Jonas.

So when the time came to buy my dreaded ($500) annual supply, I had to make some serious decisions. Stick with the Acuvue Moist or switch to some other type of 1-days contacts???

I absolutely insist on 1-days….after a few spouts with pink eye & the horrific switch to hydrogen peroxide where I (shocker) ended up putting raw solution in my eye…. I was done wasting my time with those bacterial ridden 6 month long lenses.

This year I wanted to make sure I made the right choice so I convinced my eye doctor to send me trials of each.

Acuvue TruEye— horrible, gives you dry eye and slightly fuzzy vision. Call it dry not true. Check it marketers.


Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus— was hoping for positives after all I read online….. but so disgusting!!! Literally disintegrated in my finger after a day of wear. Plus the smell when you open the package screams “toxic!”


Acuvue Moist— the BEST (out there). Super comfortable & consistently the clearest image and most comfortable shape.


Am I missing any??? I hope not.

*if you are in between numbers, think opposite of math rules! Round down before the 0.5. It’s better to slightly squint than have a headache all day because you are pushing it.*


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