Best Cornbread

I am freakishly obsessed with cornbread.

But not that dried up, no crust JUNK. Sorry

but you need some help.


Fine Cooking as usual comes thru with some of the best recipes around.

Case in point, this beyond foolproof (believe me I once forgot to add the cornmeal mush until the last step, and it was still fabulous) cornbread.


The fun thing with this is you can add whatever you want.


I like jalapeños… (SERIOUSLY PRODUCTIVE CROP) and corn as well.

**Here, I used 2 jalapeños from my garden and a can of drained Costco (my love) corn. Since the spice AKA Capsaicin oil is in the white membranes, I took out ~1/2 of one.**

Finely chop those babies.


While your cast iron skillet preheats in the oven, get your dry and wet (with desired mix-ins) ready.

Since I am too cheap to buy buttermilk… I always make my own. Pioneer woman taught me. 1 tablespoon VINEGAR (distilled white) to 1 cup milk.

Add that to your cornmeal mush with other wet ingredients….

Once the oven beeps “ready!!”…get your wet and dry ingredients together

leave some clumps…you are mixing more later.

Get some BUTTAH sizzlin’ in your hot cast iron pan.

Bake that little OINK OINK up.


Oh BOY, time to stuff it.



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