Be a Pineapple

Thank you Pinterest for being you. I love you. I am obsessed. P.S. Sorry I put you on the back burner for a while….I realize now how magical and amazing you really are.

Here are 2 impossibly easy recipes from the queen of all things…AKA Pinterest. 

First comes coffee…. right?


How about crock-pot Pumpkin Spice Latte’s…. yes PSL’s!!!!!! 🎃


Very fabulous, although next time I will add more (or stronger) coffee. Also I used a 1/4 of a vanilla bean instead of 1/2 cup vanilla extract. Sounded way too expensive for my taste.

More coffee will definitely get it closer to Starbucks. Need more….need. <<<Man I miss working there…free espresso drinks and beans…..>>>



Supersize Me


Next how about something you actually chew.

It involves crushed pineapple….

vanilla pudding…

cake mix….

and cool-whip…



Talk about comfort. All things processed!!! Don’t we all crave processed foods now & then?







Pineapple Sunshine Cake!!!!

BTW 8 oz. is roughly 1 cup. So if you got your crushed pineapple at Market Basket like me, you’ll have a little left.


I don’t think I ever seen an 8 ox. can of crushed pineapple anyway.

And this frosting….



OH my lawddddd 👌

***once you mix it together initially, give it a few minutes and then come back and whip it again****


I’ve been seeing a ton of people on Pinterest make frosting out of cool whip and pudding mix and I wanted to see what all the rage was about.

Boy, am I impressed.Now I feel like such an idiot for boycotting Cool-Whip.

For 2 years, I deprived myself of this silky smooth engineered legend. Oh those food scientists…..converting oil to a solid at room temp. How sneaky, yet clever.



AND DELICIOUS.yummmmmmmmmm


Morale of the Pinterest story: Be a Pineapple.

Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside. 🍍


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