Top 17 Shows to Binge RN

There is nothing better than a new TV show to watch.

Well, maybe this….


So go ahead….get cozy.

Make some delicious food, medicate, and GET AT IT.

1. The Fall   (crime drama) — watch on Netflix or check your local library (LB)

 Seriously delicious drama. And Paul AKA Jamie Dornan (50 Shades) is a dreamy serial killer if that is a thing(?).

2. Top of the Lake   (crime drama) — get at your local LB

Emily Moss (Mad Men) slays the game in this enticing, but seriously odd one. You’ll leave wondering ….Where’s TUI??? And how can I get more

3. A Night Of    (crime drama) — HBO

A remake of BBC’s Criminal Justice (haven’t seen), this mini-series is absolutely addicting. It’s like a tube of pringles…ONCE YOU POP, you CAN’T STOP.

4. Making a Murderer   (crime drama) — Netflix

#freeBrendan  And Dean Strang is kinda all that.

5. Mad Men    (drama) — AMC or Netflix, my LB has it

Jump back in time with this beautifully made drama. Become fascinated with the anti-hero Don, root for Betty & Joan, and secretly adore Pete. Oh Sterling and Peggy. You’ll learn to love them all.

6.  Breaking Bad — (drama)  AMC or Netflix

Walter White. Blue Glass.

7. Better Call Saul — (drama) AMC

For when you need more Breaking Bad….

8. Sopranos — (drama) HBO or local LB

Carmela….your cooking!!!!! Nothing but a classic here. Something about the opening to anything HBO. Comfort..relaxation..zen..all of the above.

9. Gossip Girl — (teen drama) Sidereel? not sure here

Based on the steamy teen book series, this show is fabulous. Especially the wardrobes and Blair Waldorf. Chuck is not a bad *villain?* either.

10. Freaks and Geeks — (cult classic)  local LB

One of Judd Apatow’s first…very underrated. You’ll be shocked with how many now-famous actors and actresses are in this AMAZING series. **Never been afraid of any deviation**

11. Friday Night Lights — (drama)  COMCAST on demand

Coach T you are dreamy!!! Oh Texas… Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

12. Reba — (drama) COMCAST

Brock better get it together someday. Sing it gurlll



13. Wizards of Waverly Place (teen) — Disney app (watch on apple TV)

One of the best witch/wizard shows since Sabrina the Teenage Witch

14. Curb Your Enthusiasm (comedy) — HBO

Larry David is a comedic genius

larry david

15. Silicon Valley (comedy) — HBO

first season is the BEST so savor it while you can

16. Hello Ladies (comedy) — HBO

Stephen Merchant is my BF

17. Arrested Development (comedy) — Netflix

saved the best for last. the ULTIMATE comfort show. **if you come from an extremely dysfunctional family like me**


The new Fuller House isn’t bad either if you wanna go that route….


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