Stop Stereotyping The Bachelor


I always made fun of people for watching this…cue in “Basic Bitch” snarl… but guess what I’ve learned? This show is AMAZING. So cheesy and dragged on… but AMAZING.

The excessively aggressive girl.. Corinne (yeah, she is winning)

The girl with “we slept together” baggage..Liz (poor girl, maybe you should have taken his #)

The girl who thinks playing it smart and hard to get will win him over… Taylor (this is so me, I relate to you girlllll)

The funny girl who shows up in a “shark” costume.. Alexis (I want to be your friend)

and then there’s him.

Nick. He seems so nice, heartbroken, and caring. But is he??

For some reason I don’t really trust him. Oh, and just found out that he is 36!! How come this is ignored??!?!!?

Here’s to seeing how this season works out. And if you haven’t already…HAPPY BINGE-WATCHING!!


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