Ladies, if you haven’t already…

Switch to the Diva Cup!!!

Just finished my first cycle & wish I switched sooner.

Taking it out is almost alien-like at first, but you’ll learn to love it.

 Go slow and always BEND the diva cup.

Like bend and snap that thing in and out and dump all of that “period blood, period blood” (chime in Period sex song from Crazy Ex Girlfriend). πŸ”Š

Here are 10 reasons you need to ditch the bleached sticks ASAP

  1. Better for the environment, man..No trash
  2. No need to buy tampons at Costco, one time cost of $30. Or hit the cheapskates jackpot like me, and find one for $10 in Walmart’s clearance section. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  3. Less pain. Tampons can really hurt sometimes. You don’t even feel the diva cup in there!! It’s crazy but true.
  4. Cool factor. Like I lost that much blood. That’s what it looks like?!?
  5. Cost again. Like seriously how is this free and perfectly functionable?!?
  6. No wet string to deal with after you pee. Or god forbid accidentally get #2 on.
  7. Feels safe. No way that bleached, highly absorbant tampon is healthy. It sucks out too much moisture.. TBH
  8. You can keep it in for 12 hours?!? Take that you dirty old tampon. 
  9. No odor. No air contact between your blood & air = no stink. Tampons and pads are disgusting now looking back.
  10. No leaks (so far… don’t take me to the grave on that one)

Then you get to boil the whole memory of your period away every month when you sterilize it. Seriously, it’s rewarding and you deserve it.

This Cup will make you view your period from a whole different wavelength.

Gone are the days of having to make last minute scrambles to get ridiculously overcharged for tampons. And of course the dreaded TSS.

Save yourself $$$ and misery…Get the Diva Cup!!!


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