Being a cheapskate

I am an old lady. I go to the grocery store first thing in the morning….on a weekday.

Why? You might ask. Do I have a busy, jam-packed schedule that I have to cater to? Absolutely not. That would require having a life….Something I am not familiar with. 

Jeopardy— What is having a life?

I do it because I am cheap. 
And to get the deals 💰💰 (I am talking DAY OLDS) you gotta go early.

Like right when they open.

You’ll be blinded by a sea of white haired retirees, but trust me….. it’s worth it!

Market Basket *that sexy beast*marks down breads, bagels, baked goods (think croissants, pies, cakes, cookies) & FRESH FRUIT AND VEGGIES. 

Like we are talking big bags of red peppers, Asian pears, green beans…..HEAVEN

Some days are luckier than others, but the key here is to go in with a game plan because you have to use this stuff up fast.

Here’s my ideal trip (and oh, how I wish I was talking about magical mushrooms…You know they could be the cure for depression). I’m rambling b/c it has been 8 years since I’ve had any *💧💧💧🌊🌊🌊. *

  • Bag of red peppers- roast and preserve in olive oil and salt
  • Asians pears- refrigerate, surprisingly they hold well with time
  • Green beans- pan fry that night, or make a casserole to freeze
  • Bread- freeze whole loaves, keep one in fridge to use now, or toast & pulsate into breadcrumbs for your freezer, or make croutons, or bread pudding (I could go on forever…I love bread)
  • Croissants- make the best French toast
  • Pie- eat immediately, or blend chunks into a milkshake
  • Bagels- freeze

Just some ideas…

Does anyone else do this?
And what are some of your secrets??



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