Dump find…

This summer I picked up a new hobby …  going to the dump.

Recently, I found this moldy old painting that was just dying for a little attention. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of it before I painted Winnie Boo, but just trust me, it was gross. So I opened it up, painted over the mold spores (yum), and created a new border around the edges with some thick construction paper, glue, and trusty glitter.

dump find

Next it was time to paint that grungy old wood…

dump find 2

And a few hours later….

my room before

And a few months later….

my roomwinnie cozy


Like my Kindergarten art?!!?


Charming Cottage

Last night I stumbled upon Nantucket Looms and boy is it heaven.

Almost everything is designed/made by local artists and YES, very expensive, but I am looking at it for inspiration. For instance, these rope baskets (set of 3 for $128), I found at Ocean State Job Lot for practically NOTHING.


The blankets they make…oh my lord. Handwoven on island (with the highest quality fibers of course). It’s like taking a passage back into time….and I LOVE IT.


Are you feeling warm and cozy inside?

They even make wearable versions….blanket me in this warmth please


Or let’s see what these creative geniuses do with all the scallop shells that wash ashore on our beautiful Cape Cod beaches…


What about sea glass?


Shells for a Sailor’s Valentine?


Artwork to make your home a nautical paradise??

Or what about some bowls & towels for fruit by the pool?


I want it all! But, mostly I want these handwoven baskets…


Or bracelets…

It’s a dream, I know. But a good one.