foolproof marinara

trying out this whole video thing…


no real recipe here, just eye-balling


Spicy Siracha Noodles

Thought I would share this ridiculously easy, AMAZING recipe I found on Pinterest. All you need: spaghetti, butter, garlic, siracha, oyster sauce, sugar, and parmesan cheese. As Ina would say, “How easy is that?!?!”


Seriously, get on it.


So delicious, and EASY. Like not as easy as Nick on the Bachelor, but E-A-S-Y.


Only complaint about this scrumptious, go-to snack, is that you’ll probably spend more time cleaning up than cooking. Oh well, it’s worth it honeeeeeyyyy. So good!!

here’s the recipe…

here’s how I did it..


chop chop


heat butter over med-high


add the magic stuff (garlic)


once fragrant….add the cooked noodles


here, the fork tool is NECESSARY. if you don’t have a wooden one, I’m sure a reg fork would do…just as long as you don’t have a teflon coated pan


perfect. now the seasonings






now taste…(mine needed more siracha)


now we are in business.


I could eat this photo


Hope you love it as much as my belly!!!


I got it (carrot cake) from my momma

Growing up my mom would make carrot cake on every birthday. Now, I make it on a Tuesday.

I live for this stuff.

I eat it for breakfast…lunch..dinner. Dessert. Every minute of every day.
Jam packed with carrots, this oil based cake is as good as it gets. Not too sweet, perfect amount of moisture, and the oh so comforting spices.

And then that delicately tart cream cheese frosting.

I am in heaven.

(Like Winnie the little polar bear, here in the snow.)

I won’t give the exact recipe because to me, it’s worth like 800 million trips around the world…..but I can give some advice.

Cut the sugar in almost 1/2. Add extra cinnamon & allspice.

And use EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA carrots 

Save time by shredding carrots in the food processor…

And shred wayyyy more than you think you’ll need (usually I double it)


4 eggs.

Eggs meet oil

{Eggs + oil} meet dry ingredients

Mix until like this

Add carrots


Now divide it up

Bakey bakey

Time to makey some frostey

Butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, & a touch of milk.


Now frost her up

The sloppier….The better.


Being a cheapskate

I am an old lady. I go to the grocery store first thing in the morning….on a weekday.

Why? You might ask. Do I have a busy, jam-packed schedule that I have to cater to? Absolutely not. That would require having a life….Something I am not familiar with. 

Jeopardy— What is having a life?

I do it because I am cheap. 
And to get the deals 💰💰 (I am talking DAY OLDS) you gotta go early.

Like right when they open.

You’ll be blinded by a sea of white haired retirees, but trust me….. it’s worth it!

Market Basket *that sexy beast*marks down breads, bagels, baked goods (think croissants, pies, cakes, cookies) & FRESH FRUIT AND VEGGIES. 

Like we are talking big bags of red peppers, Asian pears, green beans…..HEAVEN

Some days are luckier than others, but the key here is to go in with a game plan because you have to use this stuff up fast.

Here’s my ideal trip (and oh, how I wish I was talking about magical mushrooms…You know they could be the cure for depression). I’m rambling b/c it has been 8 years since I’ve had any *💧💧💧🌊🌊🌊. *

  • Bag of red peppers- roast and preserve in olive oil and salt
  • Asians pears- refrigerate, surprisingly they hold well with time
  • Green beans- pan fry that night, or make a casserole to freeze
  • Bread- freeze whole loaves, keep one in fridge to use now, or toast & pulsate into breadcrumbs for your freezer, or make croutons, or bread pudding (I could go on forever…I love bread)
  • Croissants- make the best French toast
  • Pie- eat immediately, or blend chunks into a milkshake
  • Bagels- freeze

Just some ideas…

Does anyone else do this?
And what are some of your secrets??


Best Cornbread

I am freakishly obsessed with cornbread.

But not that dried up, no crust JUNK. Sorry

but you need some help.


Fine Cooking as usual comes thru with some of the best recipes around.

Case in point, this beyond foolproof (believe me I once forgot to add the cornmeal mush until the last step, and it was still fabulous) cornbread.


The fun thing with this is you can add whatever you want.


I like jalapeños… (SERIOUSLY PRODUCTIVE CROP) and corn as well.

**Here, I used 2 jalapeños from my garden and a can of drained Costco (my love) corn. Since the spice AKA Capsaicin oil is in the white membranes, I took out ~1/2 of one.**

Finely chop those babies.


While your cast iron skillet preheats in the oven, get your dry and wet (with desired mix-ins) ready.

Since I am too cheap to buy buttermilk… I always make my own. Pioneer woman taught me. 1 tablespoon VINEGAR (distilled white) to 1 cup milk.

Add that to your cornmeal mush with other wet ingredients….

Once the oven beeps “ready!!”…get your wet and dry ingredients together

leave some clumps…you are mixing more later.

Get some BUTTAH sizzlin’ in your hot cast iron pan.

Bake that little OINK OINK up.


Oh BOY, time to stuff it.


Baking bread 🐷🐷🐷

Sorry I’ve been so MIA, but I’ll try and get back on that WordPress wagon.


Still enjoying the beauty that is Cape Cod…

Quit my job—-

So just trying to have fun!! Starting today, by baking homemade sourdough. 


With a little help from my Dutch oven and starter (ordered fresh to my door from King Arthur, duh)


What do you think??


rocky sunset


Piggy Pot Breakfast Pie

In honor of being extremely large and having absolutely zero self-control around anything involving sausage, eggs, and potatoes; I MADE BREAKFAST PIE. This recipe is Betty Crocker’s….. can you get more American than that??

Gotta hand it to Betty, this thing is yummmmmy!!


I substituted in ripped up frozen hashbrown patties  because I didn’t have the shredded kind….whatever it worked.

Bisquick + hashbrowns + sauteed onions, peppers, and sausage = one fatty’s heaven.

399 401409

You NEED to watch this show!!!

I know ‘Better Call Saul’ just premiered and I should probably be talking about that, but there is something far superior out there.

Somewhere deep in the TV hemisphere……and on your (xfinity) ON DEMAND selection, is a magically delicious show called “The Great British Bake Off.” It’s on PBS, check it out TONIGHT!!! (New episodes air on Sundays)

the great british bake off

The thing with Roasted Red Peppers….

Want your house to smell fantastic? Roast your own peppers.

My mom showed me this trick and now every time I see red peppers on sale, I snag them. Charring the skin adds an extra dimension of flavor and brings out the inner sweetness. You need a gas stove, good pair of silicone tongs, and a relaxed attitude. Do not go into this afraid of the flame. Fire is your friend, just relax and “Man up” like Ross Matthews’ new book. I know you can.  

Once you make these, the opportunities are endless.

Remove stickers from peppers, rinse, and pat dry. I like to do 4 at once, but do whatever feels right. You can also trim the stems if you would like, just keep the base intact.
Turn the flame on high and get roasting. Let the skin blister before you turn.

My grates are off for this picture, I don’t know why the f*** they are, but they are. STOP JUDGING

Once the peppers feel soft and all sides are fully charred, remove from heat. Not all of them will finish at the same time. Place on sheet of aluminum foil and wrap tightly. This is called sweating.

161 164

Once cool enough to touch; run peppers under water. Remove the inner membranes, seeds, and rub off as much black as possible.
Pat dry and cut into julienne strips, or whatever size you prefer.


Toss to coat with olive oil and season generously with salt and pepper.

178 180

Whatever ones you don’t eat, refrigerate in covered glass bowl. Usually these are gone within days, but they can stay for up to 2 weeks.