4 ways to self-heal

IDK about you, but some days I feel really down in the dumps.

As tempting as it is to curl into a ball and cry, it doesn’t really illicit feelings of hope and laughter.

Here are some things that help bring joy back when it feels like the darkest, nastiest storm is brewing overhead.

check it out…

self LOVE








I love Winnie more than anything.


She is the BEST.

winnie being bratty.jpg

I made a little video about this little sea otter… CHECK IT OUT



Charming Cottage

Last night I stumbled upon Nantucket Looms and boy is it heaven.

Almost everything is designed/made by local artists and YES, very expensive, but I am looking at it for inspiration. For instance, these rope baskets (set of 3 for $128), I found at Ocean State Job Lot for practically NOTHING.


The blankets they make…oh my lord. Handwoven on island (with the highest quality fibers of course). It’s like taking a passage back into time….and I LOVE IT.


Are you feeling warm and cozy inside?

They even make wearable versions….blanket me in this warmth please


Or let’s see what these creative geniuses do with all the scallop shells that wash ashore on our beautiful Cape Cod beaches…


What about sea glass?


Shells for a Sailor’s Valentine?


Artwork to make your home a nautical paradise??

Or what about some bowls & towels for fruit by the pool?


I want it all! But, mostly I want these handwoven baskets…


Or bracelets…

It’s a dream, I know. But a good one.



I’m 28 and I want to change my attitude on life.


Less crying…more smiling.



No more feeling lost…more adventuring and dreaming.


1st dream….living off grid.

Whether it’s a tiny house.




A trailer….

airsteam sf


airsteam vintage


Or boat….



2nd dream….

Being emotionally stable.


Comfortable in my own skin.


And chill.


Here’s to getting there!!! And dreaming of a simple life.

(And hopefully not doing this.)

Ladies, if you haven’t already…

Switch to the Diva Cup!!!

Just finished my first cycle & wish I switched sooner.

Taking it out is almost alien-like at first, but you’ll learn to love it.

 Go slow and always BEND the diva cup.

Like bend and snap that thing in and out and dump all of that “period blood, period blood” (chime in Period sex song from Crazy Ex Girlfriend). 🔊

Here are 10 reasons you need to ditch the bleached sticks ASAP

  1. Better for the environment, man..No trash
  2. No need to buy tampons at Costco, one time cost of $30. Or hit the cheapskates jackpot like me, and find one for $10 in Walmart’s clearance section. 🔥🔥🔥
  3. Less pain. Tampons can really hurt sometimes. You don’t even feel the diva cup in there!! It’s crazy but true.
  4. Cool factor. Like I lost that much blood. That’s what it looks like?!?
  5. Cost again. Like seriously how is this free and perfectly functionable?!?
  6. No wet string to deal with after you pee. Or god forbid accidentally get #2 on.
  7. Feels safe. No way that bleached, highly absorbant tampon is healthy. It sucks out too much moisture.. TBH
  8. You can keep it in for 12 hours?!? Take that you dirty old tampon. 
  9. No odor. No air contact between your blood & air = no stink. Tampons and pads are disgusting now looking back.
  10. No leaks (so far… don’t take me to the grave on that one)

Then you get to boil the whole memory of your period away every month when you sterilize it. Seriously, it’s rewarding and you deserve it.

This Cup will make you view your period from a whole different wavelength.

Gone are the days of having to make last minute scrambles to get ridiculously overcharged for tampons. And of course the dreaded TSS.

Save yourself $$$ and misery…Get the Diva Cup!!!

6 reasons living on the Cape is underrated

EVERYONE loves to give me shit.  “What are you doing there???”…”why are you living on the Cape?”… “you need to move.”  blah blah bleh. I could go on for hours about the constant bitching and unwarranted advice.. oh yeah, did I mention this ONE “why aren’t you working in the oceanography field?”

Well guess what you BETCHES

job advice

And sometimes you end up on a gigantic sand bar





057 076

Seriously like this place sucks…



Now I see why everyone says MOVE..



Here are 6 legit reasons living YEAR-ROUND on the Cape does not suck:


1. We live where you vacation


Didn’t the guidos in Jersey Shore invent this phrase? LIVE BY IT.


2. The temperate climate

Because the Cape is surrounded by ocean, the climate is significantly more moderate on the Cape. Remember reading about the urban heat island in geography class? That shit is real!!

Boston: 85°F            Cape Cod: 68°F

cape cod

3.  The ocean


Feel stressed out or just want to relax? Walk the beach. Plus having it all to yourself in the off-season is not too shabby.


4. The architecture


Cape Cod Stylerich people house 2

Cape Cod style homes are all the rage. When I lived in LA, I couldn’t walk 5 feet in Brentwood without seeing one. Which leads me to…..is there anything better than a quaint Cape Cod style home???? HOLD HERE…I’ll wait.



5. Cranberries

Bogs are EVERYWHERE! Watch these nutrient packed “craneberries” grow all summer, come falltime, witness the magic that is harvest, and when the bogs are flooded in the winter, enjoy an outdoor skating rink (if global warming would chill the f out)! YES


6. Unlimited nature




Here on the Cape.. it’s all about the outdoors. I mean look at this perfectly free bike path!!



It’s magical.


People like to call year-round Cape Codders townies. I like to call them snobs. Living in one place all year is normal, having multiple properties is not.

Here’s to adopting a new, more realistic mindset. 🍷🍷🍷


Like Maggie, this dog.

Baking bread 🐷🐷🐷

Sorry I’ve been so MIA, but I’ll try and get back on that WordPress wagon.


Still enjoying the beauty that is Cape Cod…

Quit my job—-

So just trying to have fun!! Starting today, by baking homemade sourdough. 


With a little help from my Dutch oven and starter (ordered fresh to my door from King Arthur, duh)


What do you think??


rocky sunset


1-day contacts— the BEST?

I’m blind as a bat. I rely on my contacts for everything. Yes, I have glasses but I rarely wear them because of peripheral issues. Perfect people with perfect little eyes will never understand….I’m so jealous like Nick Jonas.

So when the time came to buy my dreaded ($500) annual supply, I had to make some serious decisions. Stick with the Acuvue Moist or switch to some other type of 1-days contacts???

I absolutely insist on 1-days….after a few spouts with pink eye & the horrific switch to hydrogen peroxide where I (shocker) ended up putting raw solution in my eye…. I was done wasting my time with those bacterial ridden 6 month long lenses.

This year I wanted to make sure I made the right choice so I convinced my eye doctor to send me trials of each.

Acuvue TruEye— horrible, gives you dry eye and slightly fuzzy vision. Call it dry not true. Check it marketers.


Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus— was hoping for positives after all I read online….. but so disgusting!!! Literally disintegrated in my finger after a day of wear. Plus the smell when you open the package screams “toxic!”


Acuvue Moist— the BEST (out there). Super comfortable & consistently the clearest image and most comfortable shape.


Am I missing any??? I hope not.

*if you are in between numbers, think opposite of math rules! Round down before the 0.5. It’s better to slightly squint than have a headache all day because you are pushing it.*

Birthdays are the worst days. 💧

The house was warm and cozy, and the wafting aroma of rendering bacon fat added a delicious dimension into my Disney inspired dream. Suddenly I was awoken by a familiar tune, “Laura it’s your birthday, wake up!” I could hear my ever-energized and loving mother approaching. “Happy Birthday Laura,” she sang in increasing frequencies as she pranced up the stairs and rounded the corner for my room. I started to open my eyes when ‘click,’ the lights turned on.

The childhood memory of my mother faded out, and reality set in like a building thunderstorm on a sticky Florida afternoon. Happy feelings collided with endless tears and I was struck with a lightning bolt of emotion.

I will never get to see her again. Feel the scratch of her wool sweater as she rips the blankets off of me. Hear the ever so comforting sound of her boots coming down the hall. Smell the heavenly essence of her kitchen, and shovel down her delicious food without even getting a chance to breath.

She was full of life and in a heartbeat it was stolen from her.

I cry every birthday, I have since I was a little girl. My mom thought it was hilarious to take pictures of.

009 010

Well it kind of is.

This year though? I was just counting down the seconds until it was over.

Birthdays are the worst days.