Stop Stereotyping The Bachelor


I always made fun of people for watching this…cue in “Basic Bitch” snarl… but guess what I’ve learned? This show is AMAZING. So cheesy and dragged on… but AMAZING.

The excessively aggressive girl.. Corinne (yeah, she is winning)

The girl with “we slept together” baggage..Liz (poor girl, maybe you should have taken his #)

The girl who thinks playing it smart and hard to get will win him over… Taylor (this is so me, I relate to you girlllll)

The funny girl who shows up in a “shark” costume.. Alexis (I want to be your friend)

and then there’s him.

Nick. He seems so nice, heartbroken, and caring. But is he??

For some reason I don’t really trust him. Oh, and just found out that he is 36!! How come this is ignored??!?!!?

Here’s to seeing how this season works out. And if you haven’t already…HAPPY BINGE-WATCHING!!


Top 17 Shows to Binge RN

There is nothing better than a new TV show to watch.

Well, maybe this….


So go ahead….get cozy.

Make some delicious food, medicate, and GET AT IT.

1. The Fall   (crime drama) — watch on Netflix or check your local library (LB)

 Seriously delicious drama. And Paul AKA Jamie Dornan (50 Shades) is a dreamy serial killer if that is a thing(?).

2. Top of the Lake   (crime drama) — get at your local LB

Emily Moss (Mad Men) slays the game in this enticing, but seriously odd one. You’ll leave wondering ….Where’s TUI??? And how can I get more

3. A Night Of    (crime drama) — HBO

A remake of BBC’s Criminal Justice (haven’t seen), this mini-series is absolutely addicting. It’s like a tube of pringles…ONCE YOU POP, you CAN’T STOP.

4. Making a Murderer   (crime drama) — Netflix

#freeBrendan  And Dean Strang is kinda all that.

5. Mad Men    (drama) — AMC or Netflix, my LB has it

Jump back in time with this beautifully made drama. Become fascinated with the anti-hero Don, root for Betty & Joan, and secretly adore Pete. Oh Sterling and Peggy. You’ll learn to love them all.

6.  Breaking Bad — (drama)  AMC or Netflix

Walter White. Blue Glass.

7. Better Call Saul — (drama) AMC

For when you need more Breaking Bad….

8. Sopranos — (drama) HBO or local LB

Carmela….your cooking!!!!! Nothing but a classic here. Something about the opening to anything HBO. Comfort..relaxation..zen..all of the above.

9. Gossip Girl — (teen drama) Sidereel? not sure here

Based on the steamy teen book series, this show is fabulous. Especially the wardrobes and Blair Waldorf. Chuck is not a bad *villain?* either.

10. Freaks and Geeks — (cult classic)  local LB

One of Judd Apatow’s first…very underrated. You’ll be shocked with how many now-famous actors and actresses are in this AMAZING series. **Never been afraid of any deviation**

11. Friday Night Lights — (drama)  COMCAST on demand

Coach T you are dreamy!!! Oh Texas… Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

12. Reba — (drama) COMCAST

Brock better get it together someday. Sing it gurlll



13. Wizards of Waverly Place (teen) — Disney app (watch on apple TV)

One of the best witch/wizard shows since Sabrina the Teenage Witch

14. Curb Your Enthusiasm (comedy) — HBO

Larry David is a comedic genius

larry david

15. Silicon Valley (comedy) — HBO

first season is the BEST so savor it while you can

16. Hello Ladies (comedy) — HBO

Stephen Merchant is my BF

17. Arrested Development (comedy) — Netflix

saved the best for last. the ULTIMATE comfort show. **if you come from an extremely dysfunctional family like me**


The new Fuller House isn’t bad either if you wanna go that route….