24 Vintage things that will never go out of style


I think Sarah Jessica Parker put it perfectly when she said, “it’s that faint smell of gasoline, the over-sized seats, and the loud, rhythmic click of the blinker.” Ole’ clunkers are just cool; and if SJP is on it, it is cool. Check out the web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to see for yourself.  She has a 1976 Ford Country Squire Wagon, AKA the Griswold’s family wagon in National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation.country

I personally think she takes it a little too far, but I totally agree with the idea.

What is your favorite relic from the past?


2. Retro Advertisements

3. Appliances and Bikes

4. Handwritten Letters and Postcards

5. Well-worn Cookbooks

6. Any 90’s Gaming Stuff

7. Timeless Christmas Decorations

8. Thick, Old Glass Bottles

9. Iconic Fashion Staples

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10. Classic Architectural Design

11. Hand Illustrated Graphics

Vintage Graphics

12. Nostalgic movies and books

13. Vintage Pyrex 

14. Beautiful Glass Doorknobs and Keys

15. Quality Sewing Machines and Sewing Patterns

16. Records and Record Players

17. Memorable Photographs

18. Maps and Globes

19. Vintage Airstream Trailers

airsteam sf

20. Rustic Barn Lights



matchbox collection


Say it with me, Lord Disick AKA Scott the drunk has good style. I know it hurts to say, but it is TRUE! Have you seen his Teak Chris Craft boat? It’s pretty incredible.

teak chris craft vintageteak chris craft

These Teak legends are CLASSIC$ and the quality is simply breathtaking. Fiberglass boats look like trash compared to these stunners. Go ahead and buy one today! The prices are cheap…..for Bill Gates.

For the majority of us who are not abnormally wealthy, we can vicariously join in on the fun! Check out this little video montage I made. I also love the Foo Fighters….. YouTube in Germany apparently does NOT.


The antique Teak Wood on those Chris Craft boats is so rare & sought after that even salvaged wood can fetch astronomical prices.teak floor

Why is Teak so desirable? Well, besides from its obvious beauty, Teak has an unique elastic, fibrous texture that can be easily manipulated for sculpting, art, and boat design. PLUS and probably most importantly, boaters value it for its ability to withstand extreme weather fluctuations; AKA high wind and season changes.

Even better, yeah it gets better, Teak resin contains a miracle oil that detracts water, bugs, and weathering overtime.

BUT there are cons. It takes decades for Teak to mature into its full beauty and there is simply not enough supply to keep up with demand. As the founder of Teak Me Home explains, “the beauty of the aged wood is that there’s more grain in the pattern.”


Notice the age difference? See, time makes things more beautiful!

Tell that to the Real Housewives of Orange County….

24. Sentimental Items from your Loved ones


My MUM made this…..#prouddaughter